Nelly's Jonesboro Concert Goes On, St. Lunatic's Young Brother Arrested

A concert in Jonesboro,

Arkansas featuring Nelly, St. Lunatics and other artists ended with the arrest

of a Derrty Ent. production manager and the 15-year-old brother of group member's

Murphy Lee and Kyjuan.

The concert took

place at the Arkansas Sate University's Convocation Center on Saturday (March

12th) and drew controversy from the start. Weeks before the concert, a group

of ministers vowed to oppose the appearance of chart topping rap acts.

A representative with Nelly told that the night

of the show a strong police presence was established.

"There was a stronger police presence there than there

usually is for these types of events," the rep explained. "During

the show Murphy Lee and Kyjuan's younger brother, who is 15-years-old, was in

the audience selling cd's with a friend when police told them he couldn't sell

the cd's. They then stopped selling the cd's and started giving them away.

According to other sources officers stunned the 15-year-old

with a taser without just cause.

The boy, his friend and Nelly's production manager were arrested

as well. All were charged with resisting arrest, assault and trespassing.

After executives for Derrty Entertainment posted bail, the police

reportedly escorted the tour bus out of the city of Jonesboro.

Derrty Entertainment executives are may take legal action against

the Jonesboro police department.

Over 6,000 tickets were sold at the convocation center, which

is a state funded building.

Police spokespersons for the Jonesboro Police Department were

not available at press time, but one officer confirmed a disturbance at the


The concert was

booked by a local college and was one of several college tour dates the group

has embarked upon, as they gear up for the national "Sweat/Suit: Up Close

& Personal" tour with T.I. and Fat Joe.