Nelly's Pimp Juice Announces Scholarship Winners

Nelly and Fillmore Street Brewery, the company that manufactures Pimp Juice, have announced the winners of the "Pimp Juice Scholars Program" contest, which rewarded two students with a $5000 scholarship.

Bryan Hughes of Howard University and Joyce Jackson of St. Louis University were awarded the scholarships based on their academic and extracurricular work.The two winners will also have the opportunity to meet with Nelly backstage at one of his concerts later this year. Hughes and Jackson were among the top 10 applicants from across the country.The other eight winners will be rewarded with Pimp Juice promotional and two tickets to an upcoming Nelly concert.Nelly and Fillmore Street Brewery set up the Positive. Intellectual. Motivated. Person. (Pimp Juice) Scholars Program in August 2004 to aid students who deserve recognition not just for their hard work in academics but in their extracurricular activities as well.