Nelly's Pimp Juice Cracks A Million In 3 Months

Rapper Nelly's energy drink, Pimp Juice, has racked up over a million sales in just over three months.After being named "Best Energy Drink" by Vibe magazine and snagging The People's Choice of Best Energy Drink in respected trade magazine Bev-Net, Nelly is aiming to distribute the drink via the Internet."The demand was growing so rapidly from the fans, that we needed to create a system of placing the product into their hands immediately," said William Wooten, co-President of Fillmore Street Brewery, the company that produces the drink. "The Internet allows us to pass on value directly to the consumer without a middleman while delivering the product to their home or work."The controversial energy drink, which was threatened with boycotts because of the name, struck deals with Tower and Musicland. Both music chains will sell the drink.Nelly will promote the drink at a string of appearances during the Superbowl weekend in Houston, Texas, which includes a Superbowl performance.In related news, Nelly hit the recording studio to start working on his third, untitled album, which he hopes to have in stores by June.