Nelly's Pimp Juice Target Of Nationwide Boycott

A coalition of

African-American organizations are launching a national boycott of rapper Nelly's Pimp

Juice energy drink and any store that sells it.

Project Islamic

Hope, The National Alliance For Positive Action, The National Black Anti-Defamation

League will hold a press conference tomorrow at 10:00 am (PST) at The Liquor

Bank in South Central Los Angeles.

"We have contacted

the Korean Grocers Association, as well as other stores in Urban areas that

may want to carry this drink," Najee Ali, Executive Director of Project

Islamic Hope, told "We know that stores in Beverly Hills

won't carry a drink called Pimp Juice and there is no way we are going to allow

this into our communities."

Ali and the others

involved in organizing the boycott said that Pimp Juice would ultimately contribute

to negative and demeaning stereotypes of African-Americans.

"Any store

that carries this product will be targeted for boycotts," Ali continued.

"Nelly is selling out because he only cares about making money, just like

pimps and drug pushers. We intend to chase Nelly's Pimp Juice out the Black