Nelly's Vokal Clothing Takes Off


Vokal clothing line is expected to rake in more than $22 million in sales this

year, after only eight months on the racks. Sales are predicted to top more

than $100 million for next year, the company said.

Vokal, which stands for "Very Organized

Kids Always Learning," has been selling out in stores the same week of

being shipped. Nelly also said that the name somewhat explains itself. “It’s

off the word “vocal” but Vokal though. They are clothes that just

speak for themselves,” he told

"Like Nelly and the music he makes, the

designs of Vokal are edgy, unique and daring with much attention paid to detail,"

said Vokal president and co-founder Yomi Martin. According to company representatives,

the clothing line is selling well in the South, the East Coast and the Midwest.

Nelly said he approves many of the designs.

“Yeah I approve a large majority of the styles especially the sh*t that

I be putting on,” he said with a hearty laugh.

While the clothing is selling very well for

a startup line, Nelly said the path hasn’t been without its hurdles. “It's

hard because you are working with people who got the funds behind the situation

not all the way seeing things like you would want to see it…because they

are in a office every day. You in the streets so to speak,” he said.

“I try to get [the designers and investors]

to see things differently. I like to see things my way. I like to do a lot of

things my way and you have that type of conflict going on its like ‘whoa.’

But other than that, the clothing line itself is doing really well,” Nelly


Most people that purchase the clothing line are

also fans of Nelly, who's latest album Nellyville sits at the number one position

on Billboard's charts, fending off Bruce Springstein and Eminem.

St. Louis Cardinals Fernando Viña and

Edgar Renteria are endorsing the clothing line in exchange for clothes according

to Martin.

Nelly said the larger size of the clothing is

especially appealing to athletes and he plans to get more recording artist to

push Vokal.

“We are going to get a few ads with other

artists as well. The athletes love it. I guess because it’s so big. A lot

of the hoopers love it because our 3x might look like 5x,” he said.