Nelly Shoots For Playboy

Nelly recently teamed with Playboy for a nude

photo shoot featuring the platinum selling rapper and Playboy Playmate Nicole


"He didn't walk in like some off-the-cuff

rock star, like 'I'm the shit,'" Nicole told "It made

it cool." Nelly took pictures of the Playmate, becoming 5th celebrity to

take pictures. Tommy Lee, Poison's Bret Michael, Marylin Manson and DMX have

all stood behind the lense to shoot the playmate.

"She looked like maybe you were looking

in her window one day and you saw her sitting on the floor picking out underwear,"

Nelly said.

Nelly admitted that he had no experience taking

pictures or coaching girls through a photo shoot. "I made a few suggestions

but nothing that she obviously wasn't already doing," he said. "I

left it up to her as far as whatever point in the shoot that she was ready to


The Nelly photo shoot as well as DMX, Tommy Lee,

Bret Michaels and Marylin Manson will be on soon.