Nelly Takes Pimp Juice To France, Sweden

Nelly and Fillmore Street Brewery continues to expand the rapper’s Pimp Juice line of energy drink throughout the world, as the brand recently launched in France and Sweden.

French Pimp Juice launched last week at the Le Bus Palladium in Paris, where select DJ’s were invited to preview the brand, as well as a talent showcase.

The brand, which is being advertised on Paris’ Generation 88.2 and NRJ, is also in talks with becoming a sponsor of numerous French basketball leagues.

Fillmore Street Brewery President William Wooten said he expected French Pimp Juice to be successful in the new territories.

“We expect much success in France due to its lively Hip-Hop scene and love of basketball," Wooten told “French Pimp Juice is currently being offered in stores and In Paris with further distribution to occur in September to coincide with Nelly’s next album release, Brass Knuckles

Fillmore Street Brewery also completed a licensing deal that will introduce Pimp Juice to the Scandinavian market for the first time.

Through a deal with Bling Bling AB, a multifaceted marketing company, Pimp Juice is currently being sold throughout Stockholm, with further plans to expand throughout Sweden.

In Sweden, Pimp Juice will also be the official sponsor of soft drinks at all MTV events held in the country.

Pimp Juice is sold internationally, in the United States, Africa and Europe.

Nelly’s album Brass Knuckles has been shuffled from August 19th to September 16th.