Nelson George, Jamie Foxx Working On 'Motherf***er' Documentary

Noted author/filmmaker Nelson George has recruited Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx for a new documentary on the impact of the word "motherf***er."

With his new film, George hopes to facilitate discussion among people about the use of "motherf***er" among Black’s.

"I've done a ton of research on it and Jamie's going to work on it and also be on camera," Nelson George told "We're going to do this whole funny, humorous look at the history of this word that black people use so much. Hopefully, God willing, we'll be working on that this summer."

The film will mark the second time George and Foxx have worked together.

Foxx served as an executive producer for George’s directorial debut Life Support.

The feature, which aired in March on HBO, starred rapper/actress Queen Latifah as an HIV-positive woman, who tries to keep her family together while channeling her energy and regret over past drug addition by working for Life Support, an AIDS outreach group.

A former Billboard magazine music editor, Nelson George has published two books and written 15 nonfiction books, including the bestseller The Michael Jackson Story.

He is also credited with writing the Halle Berry film Strictly Business in 1991 and co-creating Chris Rock’s 1993 film CB4.

George currently serves as a consultant to BET's news division and a co-executive producer for the VH1's annual Hip-Hop Honors.

In addition to the motherf***er" documentary, George is working on a film about hip-hop and terrorism in Paris.

"I spent a week over there and met with a lot of people," George said. "We went out to the 'hoods of France as well as some more tourist spots. I've written this script that I'm trying to get set up about an American going over there and getting involved in things he doesn't quite understand."