Nervous Records President Talks Comeback, Duck Down Reunion

Underground rap label

Nervous Records is set for a return.

The label, which spawned rap icons Funkmaster Flex, Black Moon

and Smif-N-Wesson, will reemerge on the scene with the release of the A-Alike’s

new album, I Eat You Eat.

The project, according to Nervous president Michael Weiss, "poses

the perfect opportunity to give back to music consumers what seems to be missing

in this current force-fed climate of empty lyrics and mediocre talent."

A fixture in the New York rap scene during the ‘90s, Nervous

emerged as a force in the underground rap scene with releases such as Black

Moon’s Enta Da Stage, Smif-N-Wessun’s Dah Shinin and

Mad Lion’s Real Ting.

Despite its success, the label endured its share of trials and tribulations

with the departure of rapper Buck Shot and Duck Dow Records.

Weiss is quick to set the record straight on the fall-out.

"Buck Shot never had any equity in Nervous…our breakup

was simply a case of too much happening too soon," the New York-based attorney

said. "Both parties would have probably been better off had we stayed together,

but it wasn’t meant to be.

"Despite all of the animosity and hostility that existed

between Nervous and Duck Down during our break up, currently both entities have

a solid working relationship," Weiss continued. "We are collaborating

on a DVD anthology that will include nine original videos from Black Moon and


Overall, Weiss is confident Nervous will regain its place in

hip-hop circles."We will continue to allow people to hear music as the

artist wants it to be heard, the A-Alikes and their strong messages deserve

that voice," Weiss said.

I Eat You Eat,

which features the single "What’s Your Politic?" as well as

appearances from dead prez and production from D.R. Period and, hits

stores this year.