New Battle Erupts Over Death Row Records

AllHipHop Staff

A new court battle has erupted over the infamous Hip-Hop label Death Row Records, which was once home to rap stars like Tupac, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and others.

Lara Lavi formed Wideawake-Death Row Ent. with the company that financed the purchase, New Solutions Financial Corp.

Wideawake-Death Row bought the old Death Row Records in bankruptcy court for $18 million dollars in 2008.

Lavi filed a new lawsuit on November 13 in New York Supreme Court, claiming that New Solutions is illegally diverting funds from the Hip-Hop label.

Lavi, who claims to be the sole CEO of Wideawake-Death Row LLC., accuses New Solutions Financials CEO Ronald Ovenden, of diverting company assets and engaging in “fraudulent, self-dealing actions.”

The lawsuit seeks to prevent Ovenden, New Solutions Financials managing director Robert Thompson and another company from doing business on behalf of the Gangsta rap label.

Lavi also seeks to recover all of the assets Ovenden and Thompson allegedly diverted in additional to “reasonable costs and reimbursements.”

Death Row was put up for sale after former owner Suge Knight defaulted on a $107 million dollar judgment awarded to Lydia Harris, who claimed she and her husband Michael “Harry-O” Harris financed the label.

The news comes as Death Row Records prepares to release a greatest hits collection on November 24, titled Ultimate Death Row Collection.

The album is a three-disc compilation featuring 60 tracks from the labels biggest artists.