New Book 'Queens Reigns Supreme' Details Borough's Influence On Hip-Hop

Author Ethan Brown presents

"Queens Reigns Supreme," a gripping narrative of the untold story

of how the streets and housing projects of Southeast Queens, New York, took

over the rap industry.

Spanning twenty-five years,

from the crack era to Run DMC to Tupac Shakur to 50 Cent’s battles against

Ja Rule and Murder Inc. to the killing of Jam Master Jay, "Queens Reigns

Supreme" is the first inside look at the infamous Southeast Queens crews

and their connections to the biggest names in Hip-Hop.

“Queens has served

as the back drop to some of the most infamous Hip-Hop stories because, as LL

Cool J told me recently, the residents of this borough think in a big, game-changing

way,” Brown told “50 Cent is a great example of this.

From the very beginning, 50 set out to break with Hip-Hop tradition, setting

his sights on icons from both the Hip-Hop and hustling games ("How to Rob"

and "Ghetto Qu'ran.") Put simply, Hip-Hoppers from Queens--from Run-DMC

to Marley Marl to Nas to Irv Gotti to 50--are rule-breakers and game-changers.”

For years, rappers from

Nas to Ja Rule have romanticized the legendary drug dealers who dominated Queens

in the 1980s.

The riveting story also

examines the careers of hustlers such as Lorenzo “Fat Cat” Nichols,

Gerald “Prince” Miller, Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff, and

Thomas “Tony Montana” Mickens.

It recounts how their crimes

and flashy lifestyles produced a generation of rappers and producers, from 50

Cent to Irv “Gotti” Lorenzo, who built their careers by linking

themselves to their notorious childhood idols.

Queens Reigns Supreme reveals

some of Queens’s biggest secrets including the identity of the person

who shot 50 Cent just before the release of his major label debut, Get Rich

or Die Tryin'.

In addition, Irv Gotti gives

his first interview since the federal investigation into his Murder Inc Hip-Hop

empire began in 2002. The book also contains 20 pages of never before seen photos

of Preme and Fat Cat in their heyday and a rare photo of deceased rappers Tupac

Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G., Randy "Stretch" Walker and Eric "E-Money

Bags" Smith posing together.

Queens Reigns Supreme

will be released on November 22, 2005. For more information, log on to