New Boyz Va Concert Spirals Out Of Control

AllHipHop Staff

A concert featuring rap group the New Boyz turned into chaos yesterday (November 23) in downtown Roanoke, Virginia.

Hundreds of people showed up at the Red Clay Restaurant to see the popular duo during a benefit concert sponsored by local station Jammin’ WJJS.

The event quickly spiraled out of control when guests were forced outside, due to the large amount of people in attendance at the concert.

Witnesses told local News7 that police pepper sprayed the crowd, including women and children, as they waited in line, some as long as two hours.

“The police came and stated that it was over capacitated and that they needed everyone to leave,” a witness stated. “We was still on the sidewalk with the kids and the police officers, they threatened the crowd to pepper spray, and so the crowd didn‘t move. And then they maced us and they obtained some kids and it was just a lot of raucous going on and they had the street blocked off. It was just a lot of problems. ”

Police spokesman Aisha Johnson denied witness reports.

According to Johnson, one man was pepper sprayed and arrested, although the nature of this charges were known at press time.

Witnesses stated that the New Boyz only performed one song, before the show was ended.

The disruption marks the second time this month a New Boyz show has ended prematurely.

On November 8th, a free concert in Flint, Michigan was ended early due to multiple fights breaking out in Genesee Valley Center Mall.

The New Boyz are currently on the road promoting their album Skinny Jeans and A Mic, which is in stores now.