New Bribery Charges Leveled At Puff


Daddy has new charges leveled at him. According to

prosecutor's, Puff tried to pay key witnesses for their silence

in his bribery and gun possession trial. According to prosecutors,

Matthew "Scar" Allen and his brother felt threatened

by Puff.

``Their greatest

concerns were retaliation by Mr. Combs and those surrounding

him against their mother, Shirley Allen,'' Matthew Bogdanos

wrote. ``I was also informed of several attempts by Mr. Combs

personally to pay for their silence.''

Bogdanos also released

a written statement by Matthew Allen in which Allen said he

saw Combs and associate Shyne firing guns in the nightclub after

the argument.

``At just about

the same time one of the guys against the bar threw money at

Puffy...Shyne then dipped down and came back up with a gun and

started firing,'' Allen's sworn statement said. ``At that point,

Puffy had a gun in his right hand as I was running out. I could

see both Shyne and Puffy firing guns.''

Club New York owner

Michael Bergos also testified Combs and his associates implied

they would ``throw business'' his way if he said nothing damaging

about him on the witness stand.