New Charges Filed Against Murder Inc.

A new civil suit filed in a Brooklyn federal

court claims that Murder Inc. wrote checks to Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff

in exchange for money made from drug proceeds.

Authorities are seeking to take all revenue generated

from the film "Crime Partners," claiming the movie was financed by

drug money. The movie was released straight to DVD in March.

Agents claim that "McGriff's drug cash was

delivered to various video shoots for the 'Crime Partners' movie" and that

the money "would be used to pay for various expenses."

The complaint alleges that McGriff and his associates

secretly controlled Murda Management, Crackhouse Studios, Picture Perfect Entertainment

and that the companies were created just to launder drug proceeds and money

made from credit card fraud.

McGriff, 42, is currently in jail in Baltimore

awaiting sentencing for shooting a gun at a firing range, which violated the

terms of his probation.

Gotti nor Murder Inc. representatives can comment

due to the ongoing investigation.