New Clipse Album Finally Surfaces Nov. 28


fans can finally begin the official countdown to the highly-anticipated sophomore

album from The Clipse, Hell Hath No Fury.The

Virginia-based pair will release the much-delayed project on Nov. 28, a date that

was prompted by Clipse supporters."The

moving up of the date is purely off the demand of the consumer and the Clipse

fan," said brothers Pusha T and Malice. "That's who we doing this for

right now. This album is about the fans that kept us relevant. They've helped

us carve out our path, and we're very prepared to go against the grain in putting

out these releases. We had that confidence that not one conglomerate is gonna

hold us back."Hell

Hath No Fury is the Clipse's official follow-up to their 2002 debut Lord Willin'.

Despite numerous delays and drama with their parent label Jive, the group released

their mixtape series, We Got It 4 Cheap."The

album is a documentary. This is the life of the Clipse, what we're going through,

and us spillin' our guts, and letting the world know it ain't been all gravy with

us," the group stated. "This album, if it says nothing else, says struggle.

It represents struggle."Although

the public won't hear the album until next month, Hell Hath No Fury has

already garnered critical acclaim. "We

just wanna be responsible for putting out the hip-hop that we andnour peers listen

to, and that's lyric-driven hip-hop," said the brothers. "We wanna be

known as the guys who brought a balance back to hip-hop in general."