New Company Aims To Cultivate Hip-Hop Greeting Card Market

A new brand of greeting

cards has emerged for those who appreciate the Hip-Hop lifestyle.

Hailing from the streets of Brooklyn, New York, Official Street

Cards hopes to deliver the messages that even emcees can’t.

“I was looking for a card but they never say what you

want to say,” Official Street Card founder Alex Vasquez told

“I wanted [something] for my girl and I couldn't find it.”

After years of standing in the greeting card aisles of local

pharmacies and convenient stores and mounting frustration, Vasquez and his partners,

wife Cindy and Mike Vigo, founded Official Street Cards in June 2005.

Now, the company hopes to reach out to a wide spectrum of people

that can relate to its combination of images and language of the Hip-Hop culture

to expresses a unique voice.

“There’s no particular age group and racially it’s

across the board,” said Vasqez. “Everyone’s who’s diggin’

it can understand it.”

The majority of the company’s market is Internet based

since most of the card orders are placed online, but cards can also be found

in some private establishments like Justin’s Barber Shop in Brooklyn and

Sweetz Urban Gear in New Jersey.

The cards have even caught the attention of Rocawear and Def

Jam executives, according to Vasqez, who says the respective companies have

expressed interest in working with them. However, no commitments have been made

thus far.

The themes of the cards cover all the major holidays and common

social issues, including the latest Valentine’s edition that is currently

in the process of being colored in and will be available soon.

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