New Digital Service Gives DJ'S Songs Directly

Major record company representatives have joined forces to create an online communication platform called the Recording Industry Sound Bank, a dedicated to direct servicing of professional DJs.

The Sound Bank was formed as a response to the growing shortage of vinyl needed to service DJs across the country. “The prohibitive cost of manufacturing promotional vinyl and CD’s has lead to fewer DJs getting serviced by the labels, which hampers the critical process of breaking new records,” Tone-Capone, National Street Marketing & Radio Promotions at TVT Records, told “The Industry Sound Bank is a cost effective solution to this problem.”

Through the Sound Bank DJs will be allowed to download songs as they come in from the labels and rate them and many insiders have joined the committee. Zomba Label Group Marketing Coordinator Rebecca Bercy said “the rating system gives a voice to the DJ and at the same time gives us vital feedback and demographic information that can be used in budget allocation decisions.”

Dave House "OUTLAW" Urban/Rhythmic Crossover Promotions Interscope Records believes the Industry Sound Bank will help empower the DJ. “You don’t have to steal music from other DJs or unauthorized websites anymore. You can come straight to the source.”

Bad Boy’s Sr. Dir of A&R Conrad Dimanche revealed that the Industry Sound Bank will eventually provide added features such as live interactive chat sessions between top artists, company executives and DJs as well as video servicing and EPK implementation.

Currently, the service is $33 per month. Professional DJ’s can apply for servicing at