New Documentary Chronicles J-Swift's Drug Recovery

Producer J-Swift,

former member and producer of the group the Pharcyde, is the subject of a new

documentary, “1 More Hit.”

The documentary film follows

the life of Hip-Hop producer J-Swift, formerly of The Pharcyde, as he loses

his fame and fortune to a crack addiction.

The documentary, produced by Smartgirl Productions and Global Vision Studio,

profiles a homeless J-Swift as he makes an attempt at a comeback, while filming

a reality show with a major cable network.

Although the reality show

was cancelled, the documentary continues to follows J-Swift’s struggle

with his addiction and recovery, as well as the trials and tribulations associated

with recording and producing his comeback, Negro Knievel.

According to the documentary’s

website, as of Jan. 12, J-Swift has been clean for five weeks straight.

In 2001, J-Swift, born John Manuel Martinez, made headlines when he filed suit

against Jive Records, Zomba Recording Corp., and Touchstone Pictures for $11

million for their use of his original production on the #1 remix-single "Stutter"

by R&B artist Joe.

J-Swift wrote, produced and arranged "Passing Me By" in 1992 for the

Pharcyde's debut album, Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde, and though Jive

did credit the group on the single, J-Swift's name was absent from the acknowledgements.

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