New Documentary Highlights Hip-Hop's Power Over The Country Of France

AllHipHop Staff

A new documentary chronicling the rise of French hip-hop is coming to the screen.

(AllHipHop News) A new documentary highlighting the history of French hip-hop will be released to a global audience, thanks to a new deal.

Starline Entertainment recently bought the global rights to "Born in New York, Raised in Paris."

The documentary, which is narrated by Public Enemy's Chuck D, focuses on the impact hip-hop has had on French society, politics, and art.

According to Variety, notable French rappers like Mokobe, Menelik, Kery James and Ekoue of La Rumeur are featured in the documentary, which was shot by newcomer Victoria Thomas.

"Few can deny the enormous cultural impact hip-hop has had globally," Starline’s director of acquisitions," Piers Nightingale told Variety.

"But with our current political and social landscape increasingly polarized across racial fault lines, this unique film sets out to show how rap music exploded, beyond mere entertainment, into a ringing shout of defiance against injustice," Nightingale said.

"Born in New York, Raised in Paris" is due for a release in January or February of 2018.