New Footage In A$AP Rocky Case, Victim Thought "He Would Be "Beat to Death"

More evidence has been released against the rapper, who is claiming self-defense.

(AllHipHop News) New footage has surfaced of the moments leading up to the brawl in Stockholm, Sweden that has cost A$AP Rocky and his associates their freedom.

Footage from inside a restaurant called Max's offers more light on how the incident unfolded.

One of the two men who were involved in the altercation says he went back to the restaurant to pick up his passport from a friend, while Mustafa Jafari hung around outside near A$AP Rocky and his bodyguard.

The rapper's bodyguard asked Jafari to leave them alone, and when that didn't work, he lifted the 19-year-old by his throat and walked down the street with him, before putting him down and shooing him away.

This could be the reason both men were aggressively pursuing the rapper, his bodyguard and some friends through the streets, although they claim there was a dispute over a pair of headphones.

After this incident, the men followed A$AP Rocky and his entourage around the city and harassed the rapper before the confrontation exploded.

Mustafa Jafari was beaten and allegedly cut with a beer bottle during the melee, which ended with the detainment of A$AP Rocky and two of his friends.

“I felt they were going to beat me to death,” Jafari said on the witness stand during the first day of testimony.

A$AP Rocky and his lawyers maintain the rapper acted in self-defense because of the men's threatening actions and his belief they were under the influence of drugs.

Prosecutors say A$AP Rocky hid a bottle in his sleeve and cut Jafari with it during the fight, but his lawyers said the rapper could have had shards of glass under his sneaker, which he used to stomp on his aggressor's arm.

A$AP Rocky and two of his friends are currently on trial for assault charges and could spend up to two years behind bars in Sweden if they are convicted.