New Hip-Hop Cartoon For 6-16 Year-Old Coming To DVD

Rhino and Headstart

Entertainment recently entered into an exclusive agreement to launch, market and

distribute "Da Jammies," a multicultural Hip-Hop direct-to-DVD animated

series for kids aged 6 to 16.

Many stars of the Hip-Hop community have signed on to join the

cast of the animated lifestyle entertainment brand for kids.

The cartoon-themed DVD series is geared to teach young people

positive life-lessons using animation that features ethnically diverse characters,

Hip-Hop beats, dance moves and fashions, along with celebrity guest appearances.

Ginuwine, Mario, Kansas Cali, MTV’s LaLa Vasquez, DJ Clue,

Mc Lyte, YoYo, Lil J, and others have committed their time and support for the

parent friendly kid’s entertainment brand.

“This is going to be one of the hottest cartoons ever,”

said Mario referring to the new DVD.

Realizing its positive spin on Hip-Hop culture, rap legend MC

Lyte stated, “This is Hot! I am glad we have something that represents

Hip Hop.”

Combining groundbreaking animation Hip-Hop dance moves &

music from the industry’s top selling recording artists, "Da Jammies"

focuses on two adolescent groups who attend a school for the performing arts

and documents their quest to make it in the Hip-Hop industry as singers, rappers

and dancers.

The first “Da Jammies” DVD will features two episodes,

bonus material and a soundtrack CD.

The DVD is expected

to hit the market in early 2006.