New Hip-Hop Documentary Premiers


Heard, J-Live, Mr. Complex,

Lone Catalysts and Apani B will be performing in Washington D.C.

February 5th, at the Open Transport film premier. Open Transport

is a independent Hip-Hop documentary. Producers that worked the

score include: Jay Skills, Fat Jon, Dave One, Truth Elemental,

Overtime and J Rawls. Other acts featured in the documentary are:

Reflection Eternal, Non Phixon, Shawn J. Period, Mr. Complex,

The Last Emperor, Planet Asia, The Masterminds, and more.

The event is taking

place at the Metro Cafe 1522 14th NW and P street. The doors open

at 9:30pm and the documentary will be shown from 10:30pm-11:40pm,

followed by the groups performances. The price to attend the event

is $10 dollars before midnight, and more if you come later. Philly

D.J. Big Rich Medina will be on the tables. If you need more info

send an email to: DOUGKAREEM@AOL.COM