New Hip-Hop Movement Urges People To "Dump Trump" And Vote In November

Donald Trump is going to get people at the polls in the mid-terms this November.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Hakim Green has been a part of the Hip-Hop family for a long time, as a part of the seminal duo Channel Live. His work in the community is well known, but now he's taking a firm stand just in time for the mid-term elections.

"Hip-Hop is the strongest tool we have to educate the masses on the power of voting. No, it is not the only tool in the toolbox however, it is a needed instrument for transforming this society.," Green told AllHipHop. "The clown [President Trump] has made it imperative that we let our power be felt this November and in every election here out. Get out and vote."

To support voting, Green has created a rap video called "Dump Trump," which was directed by famed film maker Benny Boom. The song also features Bronx rhymester Mysonne. In the video, the pair stand in front of Trump properties and chide the president and his supporters.

The movement also has merch for those interested in hoodies, bags, t-shirts or other items. It can be purchased at

Check out "Dump Trump."