New Juvenile Album Dropping


(born Terius Gray), the platinum selling artist with Cash Money

Records, has a new album dropping September 26th. The album, titled

Playaz Of The Game will be released on D3 Entertainment, a label

that Juvenile recorded for prior to blowing up with Cash Money.

The album, contains Juvenile's break through record, Bounce For

The Juvenile, which is one of New Orleans first bounce records.

That led to a four year deal with Warlock Records. The song was

recorded in 1991.

Other songs included on the album are: “Jivin,” “A Little Sumtn’

in Sumtn’,” and “New Orleans Bounce.” Six tracks on the album

include DJ Jimi, a local New Orleans artist that Juvenile used

to record with. D3's catalog consist mainly of re-issues from

the likes of Etta James, B.B. King and others.