New Killah Priest Album Coming in August

Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Killah Priest is gearing up for a return to the rap scene with his new album The Offering.

The Good Hands Records release is the first full-length project from the lyricist after a four-year absence.

To ensure it meets fans' expectations, Killah Priest took his time with the album, traveling to various locations to construct a product worth hearing.

"The album is golden," the veteran rapper said. "It is for real Priest fans, for real Wu fans and real heavy mentalists. They are going to love The Offering. We're in Good Hands now."

Artists slated to appear on the album include Nas, Immortal Technique, Canibus, Ras Kass as Hell Razah. Production will feature Godz Wrath, 4th Disciple, Tek (of Tangled Thoughts) and Sam Sneed.

The Offering marks new musical chapter for Killah Priest, according to Good Hands' CEO DJ Truth, who joined the rapper in expressing confidence in the release's appeal to fans.

"Killah Priest has been one of the dopest MC's for years now, and he takes it to a whole new level on The Offering ," DJ Truth stated. "We are thrilled to have Priest join our roster."

Killah Priest's The Offering is scheduled to hit stores Aug. 24.