New Lil Wayne & Wu Tang Music Coming, Thanks To Martin Shkreli's Big L

Pharm Bro takes a major loss, but the result offers big possibilities for rap fans.

(AllHipHop News) Martin Shkreli’s loss is a major victory for Wu Tang Clan fans.

The disgraced pharma-mogul must forfeit $7.36 million in assets, which includes the one-of-one Wu album, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. “Pharma Bro” promised he would release the one-of-a-kind project if Donald Trump won the Presidency. He never did.

Shkreli became a pariah after he raised a HIV drug Daraprim over 5,000 percent on those stricken with the deadly disease.

Martin Shkreli is now “cash-broke” after being worth several 10’s of millions.

Judge Kiyo Matsumoto declared that “Pharma Bro,” Shkreli’s nickname, must give up his assets in exchange for cash.

He must give up $5 million in cash that lies in an E-Trade brokerage, his stake in the Vyera Pharmaceuticals, a drug company, the Wu-Tang Clan album and the Lil' Wayne album The Carter V. He will also lose possession a prized painting by Pablo Picasso.

Shkreli reportedly paid $2 million for the rare Wu-Tang Clan and his stated in an interview that the opus is "probably worthless."

He "cash broke" most rich people are just rich on paper, they don't actually have physical cash, they have assets that are worth x amount of money but they don't have what is know as liquid cash. He wasn't worth that much, his company was and he mixed business and personal money from his investment firm, which you can't do and yes the grammar is always bad here WTF.

What comes around goes around...making those meds unaffordable for people that need them. Smh...I remember he was talking so much shit with goons on camera lol NOW he around jail goons that will make him come of that commissary.....

@Steelpowers he's founded multiple biotech companies, and there is no such thing as liquid cash. cash is the most liquid asset which refers to liquidity or how quickly you can convert an asset to cash. this dude is a multi millionaire with millions of dollars lol. I think your austistic. I guess $70-100 mill isn't much to you but that's a lot to me

So you do have somewhat of a understanding of what liquid means, liquid means how much cash on hand and liquidity means how fast you can convert assets to cash. We are saying the same thing but using different words, as far as the 70-100 millions, I'm not denying that he's not a millionaire but he's not 70-100 million, that's company money and his problem is that he defrauded investors in a previous investment firm to start and takeover companies and again you can't use business money for personal use directly, he wasn't sole proprietor in these companies, that's why he was kicked off the board and when you do corporate takeovers there is a stocks clause in the contract that prevents you from selling your newly acquired stocks. He has a FTC case so he will get a buyout (nothing close to 70-100 million) but no stock options because the company was illegally purchased and the Feds and IRS will get most of that money.Not saying he's gonna be poor but he's not gonna be 70-100 million rich either and the feds are gonna be looking constantly for any money of his they can find. I think you meant autistic not austistic, do we have to always resort to insults instead of having a healthy dialogue.