New Magazine Ready To Rock

"It's time for something new," says Benjamin Moody, the Editor In Chief

of Urban Magazine. Scheduled to debut at the end of this year, the

magazine will be the latest of many upstarts to hit newsstands this year

as readers seem to becoming discontent with many of the major urban


"I feel that a lot of the older mags have lost touch with their

readers", he states while looking through a stack of various magazines.

It's clear that he has done considerable research, buying every urban

title including The Source, XXL, King, Smooth and Vibe on a monthly

basis and checking various sites including every day.

"Guys like Elliot Wilson (XXL), Datwon Thomas (King) and a few others

know what's going on. If you read their editorials, you'll know what's

real." But don't think he's just another hip-hop head hating on other

magazines like The Source and Vibe . Under his pseudonym, Be'n Original,

he has written for almost all of them at one time or another. "I've seen

a lot in the last few years, both good and bad. One thing for sure, my

writers won't have to wait two or three months to be paid!"

Where Urban will differ from other magazines is that it will not only

cover both Hip-Hop and R&B artists, music and news but provide content

for both sexes including two steamy pictorial sections, "For Him" and

"For Her". There will also be a section called "The A&R Report" that

will showcase three unsigned artists, spoken word artists included.

"Don't worry. Unlike some people, we'll actually listened to your demo"

Moody laughs, "that's doesn't mean we'll like it."