New Pac Tribute Mixtape Hits The Streets

DJ Vlad, Dirty

Harry and Green Lantern have collaborated on a new mix CD dedicated to the late

Tupac Shakur, that features top names from the hip-hop world paying tribute

to the rapper.

The trio remixed

a bunch of Tupac tracks for 2Pac: Rap Phenomenon II and had artists come in

and put new verses and hooks on the remixed tracks.

"A lot of

the rappers and singers came in and laid down original material, making this

project that much more special," Vlad told

Jadakiss, Wyclef,

Busta Rhymes, Xzibit, Alicia Keys, Bun-B of UGK and others are all featured

on the CD, each participating for free, because of their respect for Tupac.

"This is a

serious tribute without the politics and bullshit," Green Lantern added.

"These artists and DJ's came together to create the new songs. This is

bringing Pac's vocals to the modern times without the restraints of the industry."

The artists were

happy with the end result, which even after the bulk of work was finished, took

the three DJ's over 52 hours of studio time to finish.

"I had Jadakiss

tell me the other day 'Pac is the only artist [I admire] that I didn't get to

record with. I can't even say that no more,'" Green Lantern continued.

Green Lantern said

he was aware other Pac tributes were out, but insisted that the trio's is version

is unique.

"I haven't

heard any of that other sh*t, I'm too stuck in my own. I'm used to creating.

Green Lantern will

be releasing an untitled album through Eminem's Shady Records imprint.

"It's Shady...expect

the unexpected," he said.