New Platform For Indie Artists To Raise Money Set For Launch

Having trouble raising money for you first single,

album, or EP? Perhaps

DigiCirc can help.

Beginning on June 2nd, 2003, the company will

launch a revolutionary auction based platform that will allow artists, investors,

and others to auction, lease, and trade exclusive recording rights with the

click of a button.

The system is currently in its final stage of

development and will work similar to Ebay by allowing independent artists and

rising stars in the music industry to raise money and finance their own careers.

"DigiCirc is important to the music industry

because it allows the collective music industry to participate. An average music

listener will have the opportunity to blow up with an artist. That's something

that has been withheld by the industry" says DigiCirc founder Jaycee James,

"An example would be record labels. Using DigiCirc a record label can

put together a pool of let say 20 artists. The label can then sell a percentage

of the music rights of that pool of artists to finance marketing campaigns and

new releases. It's like if a group of collective artists got together and decided

to let an investor buy a piece of their future earnings."

James, who has a background in the securities

market (stocks & bonds) and is the CEO and Chairman of Serenity Entertainment,

Inc., came up with the idea about a year and a half ago. One of his friends

(a techno/trance music producer) needed help putting out a new release when

it dawned on James that digital rights were the way to go.

"The thing artists want is independence

but the cost of being a true independent comes at a high price...near starvation.

As a former stockbroker and business owner I immediately saw the benefit of

helping artists raise money to finance their music careers, thus DigiCirc (Digital

Music Rights Investment Market) was born." he says.

For more information about DigiCirc, visit