New Rudy Ray Moore Compilation Hits Stores Features Classic & New Material

Legendary comedian

and actor Rudy Ray Moore will released a compilation of his works on the new album

The Best Of Rudy Ray Moore And Friends via RNB Entertainment Group's imprint,

The Pen.The

new disc set will feature a collection of Moore's works including classic skits,

along with first-time-ever-on-CD comedians like Billie McAllister, Lady Reed,

and Jerry Walker."We

are ecstatic about this release, which is destined to become an instant collectors

item, and which will help bring Rudy a few more well-deserved props," stated

Tom Cartwright and Warren Foster of RNB Entertainment Group.Billed

as the "Godfather of Rap" and "The King of Party Records,"

Moore has served as an inspiration to a slew of Hip Hop artists, including the

late Eazy-E, Ice-T and Snoop Dogg, who enlisted Moore as guest in his 1994 music

video for "Doggy Dogg World."In

the mid-1960's, Moore starred as Dolemite, a smooth talking mythical black hero

with super strength who could kill women with the power of his lovemaking.He

released several albums under the moniker Dolemite, but the albums were so raunchy

that they were regularly banned from record stores.The

79-old comedian also made history as the first black artist to have two releases

on the Billboard charts simultaneously.The

Best Of Rudy Ray Moore And Friends hit stores yesterday (Aug. 29.)