New Slip-N-Slide Artist Swazy Baby Talks Record Deal, Hit Single 'I Sang'

(AllHipHop News) Slip-N-Slide’s newest signee sat down with to speak about his recent success and life as an artist on Florida’s #1 independent record label, Slip-N-Slide Records.“It’s been a new experience. I got signed to a major label and its been good as far as them doing their job promoting my music and letting me choose which song I can put out," Swayze Baby told "Everything been gravy. Not trying to move too fast and not too slow.”Swazy Baby, like many artists in the game, had a tough start growing up. But Ted Lucas, CEO of Slip-N-Slide Records and his manager Bigga Rankin have invested in Swazy, hoping he's the next big thing for the label, which has produced stars like Rick Ross, Plies and Trina.“Im from Cordele, Albany, Rochelle, Vianna Hawkinsville, Terry, Valdosta, it’s a lot of small cities, and I’m doing it for the small cities," Swazy Baby said. "Not just in Georgia . When people see me they like, ‘he from the country’. I just want to be an example of what country dudes can do, you know what I’m saying?”As the single “I Sang” picks up many people are starting to recognize that the 19-year-old is also a singer in addition to being a lyricist.“I’m at 200 plus spins on the radio at this point and we are shooting the video for it soon. We shot part 1 but we are shooting part 2 in Atlanta,” Swazy Baby told Although Swazy is from the country area of Georgia, he makes it clear that the rural areas of the south are still just as dangerous and rough as the major cities that receive more recognition.“Everyone rapping and everyone trapping. It ain’t no different from the big city," Swazy Baby said. "If that s**t were big like the city it would be the same thing. "F**kas out there robbin, killing. Its big time dope dealers down there who can get a vehicle and turn it into another vehicle. We may have chickens and cows, but people still got choppers and all that. Don’t think you can come down here and run the country ni**a.”Staying humble, Swazy Baby says the success hasn’t changed him though. “That Slip-N-Slide stuff don’t phase me because I already had the popularity that I had before so I am still the same person. I don’t got no style my ni**a, I think you can only go so far limiting the type of music that you make.”