New Tell-All Book "JumpOff" Exposes Rappers, Actors

AllHipHop Staff

(AllHipHop News) A number of rappers and athletes private secrets will be shared in an upcoming book titled "JumpOff," written by rapper/author Jara Everett.

Everett, who is self-publishing "JumpOff," details her life stories since the age of 15, throughout adulthood.

Everett claims to have had personal and explicit relationships with artists like Tupac, Suge Knight, Young Jeezy, Shaq, Jazze Pha, Shawty Redd, R. Kelly and others.

Everett says she wrote the book from a point of "self-reflection."

"I wrote this book for other women to learn about themselves through my stories," Everett stated. "So many women are 'Jump Off's' whether intentional or not; but now they can see themselves where they are right now and take control of where they are going!"

"JumpOff" is slated to be released on Amazon on Friday, November 23.