New Trial For Beanie Sigel

Rapper Beanie Sigel celebrated a victory in his

attempted-murder case in April, but the rapper has not escaped the clutches of

the law yet.

The Philadelphia district attorney’s office

set a new trial yesterday at Common Pleas Court in a second attempt to convict

Sigel for allegedly shooting a man outside of a West Philadelphia bar last July.

The new trial will begin on January 12, 2005.

During the first trial, the jury deliberated for a week but was unable to reach

a verdict on any of the charges against Sigel.

Terrance Speller said that Sigel shot him in

the stomach and foot, but during the trial the defense pointed out Speller’s

tainted past.

Speller admitted to changing his story several

times when speaking to authorities.

Sigel, who is under light house-arrest, will

make an appearance at a “Stop the Violence” Summer Jam in North Philadelphia