New Victim In Illinois Triggers Another Investigation Into R. Kelly's Sex Cult

An unidentified woman reached out to the State's attorney in Illinois but failed to follow up.

(AllHipHop News) Prosecutors in Illinois have announced they are looking into the behavior of singer R. Kelly, just as a separate investigation into the singer began in Georgia.

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx revealed that a victim reached out to her office in early 2018, over incidents at R. Kelly's home in Olympia Fields.

But neither the woman or her attorney followed up to meet with the head of the Sex Crimes Unit.

"We take all allegations seriously, and need victims and witnesses to contact us so we can fully investigate,” State Attorney Kim Foxx said.

The investigation in Illinois is the second inquiry police have allegedly launched into the singer's lewd behavior since the airing of "Surviving R. Kelly."

The docu-series took an exhaustive look into the singer's personal life, as allegations swirl that he has brainwashed several women and turned them into his sex slaves.

Unfortunately for R. Kelly, some of the new revelations in the documentary could land the singer behind bars.

Police in Fulton County, Georgia have also launched a criminal investigation into the activities taking place in R. Kelly's mansion.

The police have already spoken to Asante McGee, who was featured in "Surviving R. Kelly" as one of the singer's many victims, as well as the parents of Joycelyn Savage's parents.

“If the allegations are true, we believe [Kelly] should be charged with false imprisonment, kidnapping, and possibly domestic abuse,” Griggs said. “We thank the public for putting pressure on the D.A. to do the right thing to at least open an investigation,” the Savage's family attorney Gerald Griggs said.

As we previously reported, the cops caught R. Kelly's manager threatening the Savage's shortly before the controversial documentary aired.

This is not the first time R. Kelly has had issues with authorities in Georgia. In August of 2017, the police accompanied the Savages to the mansion to conduct a welfare check on their daughter Joycelyn Savage.

R. Kelly was not home at the time but the parents managed to reach their daughter via telephone, but she reportedly informed the cops she was fine and did not want to speak with her parents or any members of her family.

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