New Watch Alert: Hublot Holds Down Hip-Hop

AllHipHop Staff

"Hublot, my watch better" - Pusha T (“I Don't Like)

The strong correlation between music, fashion, and style is quite solid. Many luxury bands have become the love child of some of the biggest influencers there are. Hublot, which thrives off the mission of bringing the art of fusion to watches, has found a perfect fit in the entertainment world. A look isn’t exactly complete without that added link; in this case it’s a sexy, quality, and timeless watch. The lavish line of exquisite timepieces emerged in 1980. They currently have flagship stores in a few major cities in the United States, and are available all over the world.

From the likes of Jay-Z and Rick Ross sporting them, to brand ambassadors such Jet Li and Usain Bolt, and even most recently, Ludacris’ custom made birthday watch from the company, Hublot and entertainment seem to have struck a chord. Hublot even made special appearances in Kanye and Jay’s “Otis” video.


On the sports end, Dwayne Wade is not only a brand ambassador too, but presented his championship team and leaders in the organization with custom-made "White Hot Hublot Big Bang" watches. It was engraved with a special team championship lock on the back of the case. And, Hublot is reportedly the official watch and timekeeper of the Miami Heat.

The entertainment and urban world is known for giving luxury an extra kick. This seems to be no different. Hublot appreciates and respects the power of the Hip-Hop generation.

States Rick de la Croix, president of Hublot Latin America, “The urban community is trend setters and leaders in making brands happen; it’s been proven with cars, luxury fashion, and liquor. There are so many cases where the leaders of the community have made brands global successes. Today with Hublot it is no different. Thanks to our close relationship with mega artists such as Jay-Z and Chris “Ludacris" Bridges, as well as top sporting personalities - notably Dwayne Wade - the demand for Hublot has soared. This has also resulted in the opening of a boutique in the Mecca of Music, Atlanta,”


Look out for more verses, endorsements, and fan favorites with an eye-catching Hublot piece.

“We get as much influence from the urban community as they get from the brand, be it in music or lifestyle, and the desire and need to continue to be different and unique," de la Croix adds.

There’s always a staple accessory needed in anyone’s wardrobe, and always a brand to watch for. Hublot is undeniably the one to keep a close eye on. To get yours, visit

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