New Women Say Nelly Sexually Assaulted Them In Detailed Accounts

Nelly is still facing some rather serious allegations that he is sexually assaulting his female fans.

(AllHipHop News) Two more women have come forward to accuse St. Louis rap star Nelly of sexual assault.

Two women claim they were victimized by the rapper on two different occasions, in an amended complaint filed by a lawyer for Monique Greene.

Monique Greene filed a lawsuit against Nelly on Monday, seeking an injunction against the rapper to stop his abuse of his female fans.

Greene claims she was raped by the rapper on his tour bus last October in Washington.

But the police declined to file charges because Greene said she would not testify against the rap star after her identity was leaked to the press and she was victimized online.

Greene also claimed Nelly was intimidating her through his statements to the press, which led her to her decision not to file charges.

Two new women identified only as Jane Doe and Jane Doe 2, detailed some of Nelly's alleged bad behavior in the lawsuit.

Jane Doe 1 is a mother who is "happily married" and a member of the U.S. Military who was stationed in the United Kingdom for three years.

Jane Doe 1 said she bought VIP tickets to a Nelly show in the United Kingdom. She met with the rapper backstage, where he invited her to an after-party.

Nelly ushered the woman into a secluded area, where he allegedly accosted the woman, by putting his hand up her skirt, over her objections.

"Jane Doe 1 had no intention of becoming a victim. She was a well trained member of the military. She firmly took Defendant Nelly’s hand, removed it from under her skirt and pushed it back down to the side of his leg," the lawsuit says.

The other woman in the lawsuit identified as Jane Doe 2 is a mother of three children, who is not married but is in a long-term committed relationship.

The woman, who is also based in the U.K., claims she was assaulted by Nelly after a show at Cliffs Pavilion in Essex England country in December of 2017. That would be just two months after the news of Monique Greene's original charges hit the press.

Jane Doe 2 said Nelly offered her to come backstage, and she accepted, believing her friends had arranged something special for her birthday.

But things went awry, when Nelly brought the woman into another room, isolated from her friends.

"This time Defendant Nelly closed the door, stood in front of it, and dropped his trousers. Jane Doe 2 told him to pull his trousers up. Defendant Nelly started masturbating and said, 'you want this d##k don’t you," according to the complaint.

Jane Doe 2 said she made light of the situation and told Nelly that he picked the wrong woman, but the woman said Nelly became aggressive, put his hands down her shirt and ripped her top off.

Jane Doe 2 told him to pull his trousers up and they "could forget this ever happened." The woman claims Nelly pulled his pants back up, but a short time later drop them and whipped out his penis again and started masturbating in front of her.

He said he wanted “to come in" her mouth and "all over" her, but Jane Doe 2 continued to evade and refused his advances.

When Nelly put the woman's hand on his erect penis, Jane Doe 2 to claims she snapped.

"Who the f##k do you think you are," Jane Doe 2 told the rapper. That only excited Nelly more according to Jane Doe 2, who says Nelly forced his erect penis into her mouth.

"Jane Doe 2 jumped back, twisted and fell backwards into the shower curtain. She was able to scramble out of the room. As she exited Defendant Nelly yelled, 'cunt!'” and allegedly warned her he would find her if she went to authorities.

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Why would you wanna go backstage with your favorite artist after you've already met them in front of others? What they thought Nelly was taking them to a secluded area to hear some new exclusive music? But at the same time, if Nelly is doing this, with all that he has to lose, he's a true sicko that should never see the light of day.


the thoses womens portray a good one a got kids... stfu.... if a rapper is asking you to go to his hotel you know why


Where there’s smoke there’s fire


Honestly, I feel like this is fabrication at its best. It may happen that Nelly did invite these women backstage but I don't think he could do such a cr@zy thing like forcing himself onto the women and masturbating. They just seek to destroy his reputation.


These chics know how to write a rape story now a days
No need to prove nothing


mannnn she probably so upset. this dude seem like horny lunatic, the st. horny lunatics


Isn't Nelly with Mayweather ex during all of this....Mayweather laughing

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)
EditorYohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILE…