New Wu-Tang Video On The Way


Rza has just wrapped up shooting for the Wu's latest

video, "I Can't Go To Sleep." The

video depicts the social climate in the Black community. Making

claims that the climate hasn't changed too much from then and

now, the video uses footage from the civil rights era. There's

a piece that shows American flags waving while John F. Kennedy

travels on a motorcade in Dallas right before he is assassinated.

As news clips race across the screen, it also shows Malcolm X

being interviewed, civil rights marches, and footage from Martin

Luther King's assassination.

Isaac Hayes AKA Black Moses graces

"I Can't Go To Sleep" with chords and vocals from his

critically acclaimed release of "Walk On By." He also

appears in the video for the song. Isaac Hayes sings "Don't

kill your brother let's love each other, don't get mad cause it

ain't that bad, remember who you are, you've come to far, it's

in your hands just be a man."

On the track Ghostface states "Somebody

raped our women, murdered our babies in the streets with crack

and guns in the early 80's, for those who murdered me shall stand

before God to fall at the hands of fate and out comes the rod...Fed's

jumping out their jeeps - I cant go to sleep, Babies with flies

on their cheeks - It's hard to go to sleep."

Long before the party-hearty playaz

ruled the rap game, presenting a portrait of life that's nothing

but women and money, Wu-Tang, created beats and rhymes that held

more meaning than that of an average rapper. With "I Can't

Go To Sleep" their formula still holds true today.

RZA explains, "The song was

originally Ghostface's idea. We came to the conclusion that no

one in hip hop has been giving homage to our many great fallen

heroes who paved the way in this society making it possible for

brothers like myself and others to become successful black men

getting a fair shot at the American dream. We also made the song

because of current events: because of what's happening to some

of our communities prominent politicians, entertainers, and sports

personalities we realize that we can't go to sleep, we can't shut

our eyes or the gains made by the previous generations will be

reversed and the opportunities for the next generations will be

snuffed out."

RZA was recently in the studio

creating a version of the song to be synced up to the video.

Wu-Tang's third release The W,

has recently been certified platinum. The video for "I Can't

Go To Sleep" is currently receiving a good amount of airplay

on BET. Wu is currently in the studio readying a new release for

the fall of this year, as well as many members working on solo

projects for release.