Newark Crips Ban Chief Keef From Jersey (VIDEO)


Chicago native Chief Keef has some people in the state of New Jersey heated. A few bars on Sosa’s track “Faneto” were taken as a diss toward the Garden State.

by Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)
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“I’m riding through New York. Finna go and shoot New Jersey up. Tryna take my chain I ain’t going through it. We gonna come and blow New Jersey up,’ rapped Keef.

According to reports, someone tried to steal Keef’s chain at a club outside Newark, and the lines on “Faneto” were seen as the Bang 3 rapper’s response to the alleged culprits. That caused men claiming to be a set of the Grape Street Crips gang to record a video banning Keef from reentering the state.

“Jersey don’t love you,” one man says directed at Chief Keef. “You get no money in my state. F**k you Chief.”

“Faneto” even got a response from Jersey-based battle rapper Tsu Surf who also claims membership in the Crips. Surf addressed the situation on Twitter.

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Watch the video below.