Next Level Fitness: Beach Body Fresh - Tips and Mistakes


that time and Summer is here fellas! With tight jeans being as popular as

they were this Winter, I can only imagine what guys have in store for the beach

this summer.


I say, the speedo might be brought out of retirement… 


talk, if you have any plans to wear a cut-off shirt this summer or shorts - do yourself

a favor and take your workout up a notch. I have laid out a fool-proof

plan that will assist any would-be exercisers that want to strut the beach in

their leopard skins (Martin).


key to a head-turning beach physique is fat burning, and here is the Blueprint One.



first component to any ripped frame is going to be cardio. There is only a

short time before the weather gets really hot so you are doing your cardio in

the morning. Right when you wake up in the morning after an overnight six to eight

hour fast, your body’s stores of glycogen are somewhat depleted. Doing

cardio in this state causes your body to burn more fat because of the

unavailability of glycogen. We need to do this at least five days week.


you are doing your cardio, you are only doing intervals. Intervals are workouts

that alternate high-intensity levels with lower-intensity levels. Interval

training mimics sports - start-and-stop motions with periods of sprinting followed

by light jogging or a walk. 25-30 mins of intervals per day is your goal. 

Treadmill Interval Workout:


minute walk (3.0-3.5mph)Two

minute sprint (7.0-10.0mph) for total 10 minutesBreak

(Ab workout, Example 1)Repeat



time: 30 minutes


sure somehow someway Usher will end up with his shirt off as he promotes his

new album, so we have to get your stomach tight as well. In between each

interval, you are doing 100 ab exercise reps (i.e. crunch’s, sit-ups, ab

shockers etc.), then you are going right back into another interval of

cardio. You are doing a minimum of 300

abs every morning, so this means you need at least three intervals. 




sit ups 25xAb

Shockers 25xToe

touches 25xCrunches




Sample Ab Workout



stretching after cardioDoing

to much cardio (i.e. 1 hour)Having

bad form

Weight Lifting


not training you for the Bruce Lee look, so you

are going to add some weights in the afternoon. The reason you are lifting

during this time is for two reasons - you are employing muscle shocking

techniques, because pain threshold is highest, and the limits of the body can

be pushed further than usual at this time. Also, adrenalin and body

temperature has a rising trend, so they peak later in the day. Our ideal

time to lift is between 3:00-6:00 pm


Next we are dropping the reps of our workout (6-10 reps, three sets). What we

are trying to do is maintain the maximum amount of muscle density while the

body fat is being burned off by our cardio routine. To drop the weight to

something lighter to allow higher reps (ie. 15+ Reps) in the belief that this

will make you more “cut” is a myth. No time for the full explanation -

just trust me, Summer is around the corner.

Workout 1 Example

Dead lifts T-Bar RowsD. Bell ShrugsBehind Back D. Bell ShrugsLat Pull Down (machine)


second workout is a super-set workout. This means that you do one exercise, and

upon completion, perform a body weight exercise set. We are focusing on weight

lifting and calisthenics. You are still going heavy with the weight lifting,

but make sure that every set you do 10 reps, four sets of both exercises. If you are unable to do pull-ups or dips, use

an assisted machine.

Workout 2 Example


Press/Push upsArm


Triceps ext./DipsSquats/Jumping



third workout is the most intense and most important. We based this workout off

of Terrell Owens off-season workout. The object is to complete 100 reps, one

set, before you go on to the next exercise. Pick a weight that is not too heavy.

You don’t have to worry about it being too light, because you are performing

100 reps.

Workout 3 Example




incline press Leg





lb medicine ball

Medicine Ball Workout



warming up before you start liftingLifting

to heavy Using

momentum to lift



Were you really about to pack your gym bag without putting the protein in

there? You seen dude in the new Ashanti video, he making everybody step it

up. Well, if you are going to be serious, pack at least 24 grams of protein to ingest

post-workout. Gaining strength and muscle doesn't occur while you workout

but after during the recovery stage.


a workout, protein breakdown goes up and protein synthesis stays the same or

slightly elevated. Now, if nothing is done about the protein breakdown,

then muscle that could have been gained is not gained for a certain amount of

time, and muscle that currently exists is lost. I recommend that you should

consume a liquid protein shake since it is quickly absorbed. A more

detailed explanation is in my book Confessions

of The Personal Trainer

Fast food and

greasy food will make you chubby like Ricky Ross, trust. Trainer or no

trainer, McDonalds fries are my personal

weakness. I swear there has to be some crack sprinkled somewhere in them,

because those things are addictive. But for the summer we have to pick our

battles, and that is one we can’t win. 


your plate as colorful as possible when you are about to eat a meal. The

more colors you have when you eat, the higher the antioxidants. The higher

the antioxidants, the better you feel. The better you feel, the better

you look. So let’s start with the basics to reduce our body fat.

Cut Calories 150-300 per day if you are over weightIncrease Calories 150-300 per day if you are under weight Cut Fats

(Fried food, processed food, swine)Restrict bad Carbohydrates (White sugar, white bread)Increase Fiber (Wheat bread, Oatmeal)Increase Water (Nothing specific just always have a bottle with you)


Plan Example


1 - Oatmeal, banana and OJ


2 - Brown rice, green beans and baked chicken


3 - Apple & Grapes


4 - Protein shake with skim milk and Natural peanut butter 


5 - Bake Potato, broccoli, lean fish with red and green peppers 

So we

are at the X-factor of your progress: You are waking up every morning getting

that cardio in, and hitting the gym for a quick weight lifting session three

days a week. You have improved what you eat all day long. You are just

about to start shedding that excess body fat, and the worst thing happens: the

Celtics win the championship and you want to celebrate! Yep, you hear T-Pain in

the back of your head talking about “the bartender,” and your silly self goes

to get skummy.


will throw everything off. Alcohol has a lot of sugar in it, and that will

turn to fat once it’s in your body. This fat will attach its self every

where in your body, belly, thighs, arms, etc… Overall, men gain more

weight in the abdomen, meaning that the Grey Goose is going to cause belly fat

for you.


the sake of your routine, you should just “say no” all together.



drinking enough waterEating

too much Eating

too late (i.e. within two hours of going to bed)

Siddiqu Muhammad is an ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified personal trainer, NFPT (National Federation of Personal Trainers) certified personal trainer, a Professional Athlete Strength and Conditioning coach, and Motivational Speaker. Send questions to him at To view more of Chicago Fit 4 Life’s eating and training philosophy visit