NFL WEEK 14 Monday Night Mania!

The “I Could Care Less” Game of the


New Orleans Saints (5-6)

vs. Atlanta Falcons (3-8)

Location: Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA

For the

2nd time this season, the Falcons will play a primetime game on the

same day Michael Vick will be in court. 

Today, he is being sentenced for his involvement in a dog fighting

operation in a federal court. He still

has another case pending in Virginia in a civil court. Not the P.R. the Falcons needed right before

their game tonight. Now, instead of the

analyst talking about game strategy for tonight’s game, all of the talk will be

about Vick and how his behavior has hurt his team and the league.

Both of

these teams were expected to be playoff contenders this season. We know what happened in Atlanta to void their playoff

chances. For the Saints, injuries and

poor execution has been the factor for their disappointing season. Well now it’s gotten worse. RB Reggie

Bush is diagnosed with a partially torn posterior cruciate

ligament in his left knee

that may end his season. He’s definitely

out of tonight’s game; that means RB Aaron

Stecker will be the starter for tonight’s match-up.


Head Coach Bobby

Petrino is back playing the “QB Shuffle” and has decided to start

former Louisville and current 3rd

string QB, Chris

Redman for tonight’s game. it

looks as though Pertino is looking for another spark for his team’s offensive

woes. Truthfully, if he hasn’t found the

spark by now, he needs to let that go and look towards the offseason.

The Saints need to go to the air tonight. QB Drew

Brees has to carry the team on his shoulders for the Saints to win. That means he has to play smart and precise

football tonight. If the WRs aren’t

open, throw the ball away. Although the

run game isn’t the strongest right now, do stray away from it. The Saints have to stick to their original

offensive game play tonight and execute the offense as if Bush was

playing. On defense, the Saints have to

attack the line of scrimmage. With

Redamn at QB, the Falcons will most likely focus on establishing the run

game. The Saints have to shut it down as

soon as the Falcons snap the ball.

The Falcons, like the Saints, also have to shut down the

offense as soon as they snap the ball. 

But instead of worrying about the run game, the Falcons have to go after

Brees. Brees is the main cog in the

Saints’ offensive machine for the remainder of the season. All of the game planning and decision making

will be focused around Brees. If the

Falcons attack Brees, the offense will be thrown off. On offense, the Falcons run game has been

sporadic. It comes and goes like Ricky

William’s revolving door of the NFL. The

Falcons have to run the ball tonight and hope they can open up the offense

enough to get a big play from the air.

With both of these teams playing for pride, I believe that

tonight is the night the Falcons will use the day’s actions to fuel the team

and show the NFL nation that they are ready to move on from the humiliations of

the season. This is the game they do so.


Pick: Falcons