NFL WEEK 15 Thursday Throwdown

Michael Vick was

sentenced to 23 months in a federal prison on Dec. 10, 2007. 

Later that night, his former team, the Atlanta Falcons, lost to the New

Orleans Saints on MNF. The next day,

Falcons Head Coach, Bobby

Petrino, left the franchise with 2 games left in the season, to be the

head coach for the Arkansas Razorbacks. 

Now, I have no problems if a coach wants to leave for an opportunity

that they feel is in their best interest. 

But the way Petrino left the Falcons made him a coward and has now made

it harder for College Head Coaches to make it in the NFL.

Petrino, like Nick Saban and Steve Spurrier, are good College Football Coaches. They need to stay in the NCAA. They were given an opportunity to step up to

the next level and they blew it. Petrino

was very unprofessional with the way he handled the entire situation. First, he lied to Falcon’s owner, Arthur

Blank, when he was asked if he wanted to stay or go back to coaching College

Football. Petrino gave him a vote of confidence not once, but twice within the

last couple of weeks. Liar. Secondly, you abandoned not only your Owner

and your GM, but also your players with 2 games left in the season. Now think about this Mr. Petrino, what do you

think the High School players you will try to recruit during the Recruitment

Season will think? They’ll say to

themselves,” Hell, if he left a pro team, imagine what he’ll do to a group of

college kids?”

Owners and GMs of

pro teams will be weary in hiring a college coach because of the actions of

those before them. In trying to build a

team, these owners and GMs cannot take a chance in hiring a coach who may end

up being flaky. So what’s the solution? The solution is each and every contract that

is drawn up for a college coach to coach in the pros should be “iron-clad”. Leave no wiggle

whatsoever. And if they try to get out,

sue them. That will learn ‘em. Don’t jump into a big pond, if you’re a

little fish.

Thursday Night, 12-13-07



Denver Broncos (6-7) vs. Houston Texans (6-7)


Reliant Stadium, Houston, TX

Both the Broncos and the Texans have a “Jekyll and Hyde”

mentality. One week their game is at

it’s best, another week they look like a NFL version of the Bad News Bears before

they got Kelly Leak. Both of

these teams need to win this game to stay alive in the playoff race. Their seasons aren’t over yet, but they are

on life support. The Broncos are 9th

overall in the AFC while the Texans are 10th.

The Broncos need a solid game on offense. The Texans defense

is banged up and has not played to the potential that was expected of them this

season. The Broncos have a good squad of

WRs. It comes down to how QB Jay

Cutler plays. If Cutler plays smart

ball, the Broncos will win this game. The Broncos’ defense should be able to

pick the Texans offense apart. QB Matt

Shaub is still out and the Texans run game is suspect. Also, the Texans

O-line is looking like it did last season and has broken down in terms of

protection. The Bronco’s D-line should

have no problem putting pressure on Sage Rosenfels in tonight’s games.

The Texans defense is the answer for them this week. The Texans’ offense is banged up, so the

defense has to put pressure on the Broncos offense and force them to make

mistakes. The Texans defense has to do

whatever it takes to make sure their offense can get on the field as much

possible and control the ball.

With both the offense and the defense being as beat up as it

is, the Texans chances are very slim in winning this game. The Broncos’ will put on a clinic on both

sides of the ball in the win.

My Pick: Broncos