Nick Cannon Blasts ‘The National Enquirer’ For Report About Alleged “Nervous Breakdown” & Mariah Car


Nick Cannon is fighting back against the rumors. The show business veteran blasted gossip magazine The National Enquirer on Instagram.

by Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

(AllHipHop News)

According to Cannon, the tabloid is set to publish an article that claims he is suffering from a nervous breakdown and his ex-wife Mariah Carey is considering to petition to get custody of their two children.

In a pre-emptive reaction to the yet-to-be-released story, the 36-year-old Wild ‘N Out host threatened to sue the  Enquirer. 

Cannon wrote on IG:

MORE LIES!!! So the @enquirer wants to play around with my children. Only Evil operates in this manner. What is the purpose? Except to exemplify pure immoral wickedness. If you report these lies expect a slander and defamation lawsuit. Look everyone, see how the media is trying to break a King? It’s all good though, I’m a warrior! I was built for this! Me and my family, my mindset, and my spirit are all stronger than ever. I felt like releasing this so called “journalist” info to the public so you all can get at them, but instead I release nothing but positive energy into the Universe. No weapon formed against me shall prosper! I receive help through prayer and patience! #Blessed #Awakened

Last week, Page Six reported supposed insiders connected to Cannon were also concerned about “recent dramatic behavior” involving the actor/rapper/comedian.

These stories of alleged mental health problems involving Cannon began after he announced his departure from NBC’s America Got Talent.

The San Diego-raised entertainer stated he was leaving the talent competition TV show because of backlash from the network over an America Got Talent joke during his “Stand Up, Don’t Shoot” comedy special.