Nick Cannon Vows To Continue Nipsey Hussle's Dr. Sebi Documentary

Nick Cannon is taking a gigantic step into the unknown as he says he will fearlessly finish Nipsey's work in film.

(AllHipHop News) Entertainment mogul Nick Cannon has promised to continue the work of Nipsey Hussle, namely an unfinished film project on the late Dr. Sebi.

On Sunday, Nipsey Hussle was gunned down in front of his clothing shop in Los Angeles, ending his life at 33. Much was made of his efforts to bring the life and subsequent trial of Dr. Sebi to life in the form of a documentary. Dr. Sebi was a Honduras-born pathologist, herbalist, biochemist, and naturalist that claimed to have the cure for AIDS. Sebi would go to trial in 1985 with the government and win. Conspiracy theorists charge that he was eventually murdered because any cure for AIDS would impact profits of big pharma.

While these theories have not been proven, they certainly have not diminished the popularity of Dr. Sebi. Nick Cannon pushed out a number of Dr. Sebi videos to his Instagram page in the aftermath of Nipsey Hussle's death. He proclaimed that there was "unfinished business" and that he was going to carry on with the project fearlessly.

Check out the posts below.

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Why do these people cling so hard to frauds such as ''Dr.'' Sebi, who was NOT a doctor, who could NOT PROVE a single of his cases were actually cured by his medicaments and was just a guy living very well of gullible people.

But then again, this is the world where ''faith healers'' earn millions every year, so no reason to even try to understand.