Nicki Minaj Addresses Husband’s Attempted Rape Conviction On Queen Radio

Shirley Ju

Nicki Minaj offered up her thoughts on her new husband's shady past.

(AllHipHop News) Nick Minaj is defending her man all the way down to the core.

If you follow the Queen Barbie in any light, you’d see she’s head over heels in love with her new husband Kenny Petty.

In addition to getting married, the two lovebirds have been inseparable, even dressing up as The Joker and Harley Quinn for Halloween.

But when it comes to Petty’s past, Nicki is all the way into clearing his name.

Kenneth Petty has had some legal history, after serving 7 years for manslaughter. Before that, a 15-year-old Kenny did a four-year bid for first degree attempted rape.

Taking to Queen Radio to air her thoughts, Nicki claimed Kenneth Petty was falsely accused regarding that crime, adding that the accuser wanted to recant.

She states, “And when the alleged accuser wrote a letter to the judge asking to recant the statements, she was told that she would go to jail for 90 days, allegedly, if she recants the statement."

Nicki adds that Petty didn't have enough money for bail.

"Because when you are in the hood at 15, you don't have that kind of money and neither does your family," 

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Right! Like trying to defend her brother when semen was found in the lil girls panties lol! Can't justify it!!! She gets these weak minded men want to run behind her and lick her butt like a puppy, cus she a throw back from these rappers who just fuck and get up, like the kartrashians! She been ran thru, now she wanna get married, start family and get saved! When you came on the scene getting ran on by Gucci, Waka, Bird man and Wyne. But wanna call them your big brothers lol!