Nicki Minaj Battle Over Missing Luxury Clothes Is Escalating In Court

The rapper's former stylist is hitting back at a counter-suit in a new court filing.

(AllHipHop News) Rap superstar Nicki Minaj's lawsuit over some missing clothing is getting expensive.

Her former stylist Maher Jridi is asking a judge to toss a counter-suit the superstar rapper filed against him and allow his to be heard.

The whole legal mess started when Nicki was sued by a stylist named Jridi last October. He says he had to pay $74,000 to his suppliers, who had fronted the outfits for the rapper to wear during Paris Fashion Week in 2017.

Jridi says he was stuck with the bill because Nicki never gave the pricey clothing back.

Nicki fired back, claiming she was the one who got jerked after she overpaid him $12,000 in cash for his services.

Well, Jridi marched back into court earlier this week and is demanding a judge to throw Nicki's lawsuit out of court, claiming Nicki's assertation that he owes the $12,000 flat-out is untrue.