Nicki Minaj Reportedly Never Contacted Geoffrey Owens To Give $25,000 Donation

Did the "Queen' forget to share her riches?

(AllHipHop News) Nicki Minaj spent a large portion of the most recent Queen Radio episode to address the violent New York Fashion week incident with Cardi B. However, on a previous show, Minaj was about positivity when she pledged to donate $25,000 to actor Geoffrey Owens.

The Cosby Show star was facing some online ridicule over his current employment at Trader Joe's while he was in between acting gigs. Minaj called Owens a "legend" and publicly blasted the woman that took the viral photo of him in the grocery store.

TMZ reports:

> Sources familiar with the situation tell us Minaj and her team have yet to even contact Geoffrey or his people, much less hand over the cash. Here's the thing ... we're told Owens is not looking for a hand out, and if Nicki does end up making good on her pledge he'll likely donate the loot to his favorite charities.<

Nicki reportedly stated she was having trouble contacting Owens. However, Geoffrey's team is apparently easy to reach. The 57-year-old Yale graduate, best known for playing Elvin Tibideaux, has appeared on numerous media outlets over the last week.