Nicki Minaj Reveals Jay-Z's Unspoken Criticism Forced Her To Rewrite Lyrics

Nicki Minaj says some criticism from Jay-Z sent her back to the studio.

(AllHipHop News) Nicki Minaj just released her fourth album Queen, her first official album four years.

Nicki shuffled her release date twice, before finalizing August 10 as the date and then delivering on her promise.

The 19-track effort features guest appearances from artists like Eminem, Lil Wayne, Future, Foxy Brown and others.

During an interview on Episode 2 of her new show "Queen Radio" on Beats 1, Nicki explained why Queen took four years to drop, and then was still delayed in the final weeks of its release.

Some unspoken criticism from rap star Jay-Z over the song "LLC" sent Nicki back to the drawing board


"When Jay-Z came to the studio and I played this song, he heard the entire song and said I went hard on the third verse. I’m such a perfectionist. — because he said third and not the whole record — I rewrote the whole f##king song," Nicki revealed.

Nicki said instead of feeling slighted, she immediately went to work rewriting the first verses of the song.

“True story, I changed my whole song because he only said the third verse. It’s important to me when the greats hear it, that time was spent.”