Nicki Minaj's Brother Found Guilty Of Rape

Nicki Minaj's brother got some bad news from a jury today and he is heading to prison.

(AllHipHop News) A Nassau County jury has convicted Nicki Minaj's brother Jelani Maraj of rape.

The verdict was returned today (November 9th), just days after both sides rested their cases, over allegations that the 38-year-old raped his 11-year-old step-daughter repeatedly.

The girl, now 14, testified that Jelani raped her multiple times, forcing her to have oral, vaginal and anal sex.

The girl's brother also testified he heard Jelani Maraj raping his sister and DNA evidence was found on the girls pajamas.

Jacqueline Robinson, former sister-in-law of Nicki Minaj testified Jelani Maraj became abusive and withdrawn during their marriage and his behavior only intensified after she learned of the abuse allegations.

The jury did not buy the defense's claims that the rape allegations were part of an elaborate extortion plot, to extract $25 million dollars from Jelani Maraj's sister, rapper Nicki Minaj.

Jelani Maraj faces 15 years to life in prison when he is sentenced.

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