Nicki Minaj's Mom & A Lawyer Testify About Extortion Accusations Against Alleged Rape Victim's Mom

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

The defense presents its side in Jelani Maraj's child rape trial.

(AllHipHop News) After the prosecution presented its case against Jelani Maraj in his child rape case, the defense put his mother on the stand. Carol Maraj suggested that Jelani's ex-wife and the alleged victim's mother, Jacqueline Robinson, was seeking money.

"As we were getting out of the car she said, 'It's going to take a lot of money to get out of this one,'" Carol told the Nassau County Court, according to the Daily News.

Jelani is the brother of Hip Hop superstar Nicki Minaj. The Maraj family have claimed Robinson coached her daughter and son to make the damaging accusations against their stepfather in order to get compensation from Nicki.

Prosecutors presented a text message from Carol to Jaqueline that read, "I don't think you should give people details on anything." She also apparently texted "You guys set up my child" to her daughter-in-law the night of Jelani's arrest.

Newsday reports Manhattan civil attorney James R. Ray III testified that Robinson hired him in 2016 to represent her children in a potential civil case against Jelani Maraj. Ray admitting seeking $25 million to resolve the civil case, but the lawyer said he was not prompted by the mother.

“[Robinson] was never involved as far as what we did,” said Ray.

Carol Maraj also admitted to continuing to text Robinson after learning about the so-called extortion plot and never questioned her again about it. She also testified, "When I was very distraught … It was compassion for both families."

Last week on the stand, Robinson denied asking her legal team to request for money from Maraj or Nicki Minaj. The alleged victim testified she was repeatedly sexually abused by Jelani Maraj starting at the age of 11.

Her younger brother told the jury he walked in on one of those sexual acts taking place. A forensics expert testified that DNA found on the alleged victim's pajamas had less than 1 in 348 billion chance of being from anyone other than Jelani Maraj.

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