Nicki Minaj Snaps; Barbz Send More Death Threats To Another Critic

Nicki Minaj and her fans viciously reply to more criticism.

(AllHipHop News) Nicki Minaj recently sent a Twitter user a scathing private message in response to criticism about her music.

Toronto-based writer Wanna wrote on Twitter last week that the "Starships" singer was in need of a new direction with her upcoming album Queen, and should be rapping about "mature content" instead of "silly s##t" given that she's "touching 40".

Nicki responded by sending Wanna some scathing messages privately, writing, "When ya ugly ass was 24 u were pushing 30? I'm 34. I'm touching 40? Lol. And what does that have to do with my music? Eat a d##k u hating ass hoe."

The 35-year-old then tried to educate Wanna on some of the serious songs in her back catalog, referring to her 2014 album The Pinkprint, collaboration with gospel singer Tasha Cobbs Leonard, I'm Getting Ready, and songs like Pills N Potions.

"Got the nerve to have a trini (Trindad and Tobago) flag on ur page. You must not have heard the Pinkprint. Or pills n potions, bed of lies, save me, my recent feature with Alicia keys, Tasha cobbs. Just say u jealous I'm rich, famous intelligent, pretty and go! But wait! Leave my b**ls! Tired of u sucking them (sic).

"I dropped my album almost 4 years ago. My bad I'm 25. So at 31. How about you GET LIKE ME? Why don't you ask me to help you get RICH?! Been on top & I ain't going NOWHERE."

Wanna shared screengrabs of the messages on her Twitter account before changing it to private.

The exchange left many fans divided, with some sending Wanna death threats and others criticizing Nicki for her "beyond embarrassing" response.

The writer later responded privately, telling the rapper, "I 100% stand by everything I said about your music and it wasn't a malicious jab, it was a critique."

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And people have trouble believing Nicki'd be petty enough to pull strings behind the scenes to fuck with other artists.. She's a salty little moron.


She DONE! R.I.P. - artists can't tell critics HOW they should think, how does she thinks she is MORON DON?! King CHUMP?@#!? GTFOH.....